[Seminar on Quantum Theory and Computation] 【5月3日】國立成功大學數學系林敏雄教授

by 朱啓台 | 2022-04-22 09:47:33

Speaker: 林敏雄教授 (國立成功大學數學系)

Title: Optimization Algorithms for Quantifying Entanglement

Gauging the distance between a mixed state and its nearest separable state is critical but challenging in the quantum mechanical system. In this talk, we include theories and algorithms for quantifying entanglement. Particularly, we discuss a dynamical system approach to quantify
entangled bipartite systems, which has several advantages, including 1) A gradient dynamics in the complex space can be described in a reasonably concise way; 2) The global convergence from any starting point to a local solution is guaranteed; 3) The requirement that the combination coefficients of pure states must be a probability distribution can be ensured; 4) The rank can be dynamically adjusted.

Date: Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Time: 13:40-15:00

Venue: M212




  • 【4月26日】本系張毓麟教授[1]
  • 【5月10日】國立臺灣大學數學系陳彥嘉研究生[2]
  • 【5月17日】本系陳邦憲同學[3]
  • 【5月24日】本系汪柏立[4]研究生
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