[NTNU MATH-CAG-MSRC Jointed Seminar on Geometric Analysis] 【12月20日】張雅山/Singularity type of the long-time Kähler-Ricci flow

Singularity type of the long-time Kähler-Ricci flow

時 間:2023-12-20 14:30 (星期三) / 地 點:Online

Zoom: 811 5638 1768 (Password : msrc)

張雅山 教授
(Hunan University)

In this talk, after introducing necessary backgrounds and recent developments on the singularity type of long-time Kahler-Ricci flows, we then focus on a conjecture of Tosatti predicting that, on a compact Kahler manifold of a nef canonical line bundle, the singularity type of Kahler-Ricci flow does not depend on the choice of the initial metrics. The surface case of this conjecture follows from Tosatti-Yuguang Zhang’s classification result in 2015, and the threefold case is proved by the speaker in 2020. Very recently Wondo-Zhou Zhang confirm this conjecture in full generality. Time permitting, we will describe main idea of the proof.


Chang, Shu-Cheng
Kuo, Ting-Jung
Lin, Chun-Chi


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