Lin, Chun-ChiProfessorSupervising the overall affairs of
the department
M1097749-6609chunlin (at) ntnu.edu.tw

Lin, Chun-Chi

Responsibilities: Supervising the overall affairs of the department
Office: M109
Phone: 7749-6609
Email: chunlin (at) ntnu.edu.tw

Associate Chairman

Lin, Yen-chi RogerAssociate ProfessorSupervising Academic Affairs, Teacher Education, Student Affairs, Teaching Asistant, Webpage, etc.
M2137749-6623yclin (at) math.ntnu.edu.tw

Lin, Yen-chi Roger

Associate Professor
Responsibilities: Supervising Academic Affairs, Teacher Education, Student Affairs, Teaching Asistant, Webpage, etc.
Office: M213
Phone: 7749-6623
Email: yclin (at) math.ntnu.edu.tw


Yang, Ching-YuLecturerComputer; NetworkM2067749-6616yangcy (at) math.ntnu.edu.tw
Chu, Chi-TaiT. A.Institute of affairs, Teacher training, Department EvaluationM1017749-6578ctchu (at) abel.math.ntnu.edu.tw
Lee, Chun-RouT. A.Teaching business, Secretary M1107749-6600emily491 (at) abel.math.ntnu.edu.tw
Shen, CindyT. A.Personnel, ResearchM1027749-6601shen.hh (at) ntnu.edu.tw
Chang, Chia-HuaT. A.Administrative Assistance, Teaching assistantM1107749-6603cchua (at) ntnu.edu.tw
Chen, Wei-ChinT. A.Admissions, Internationalization, WebM1087749-6580ptm105_9467 (at) ntnu.edu.tw
Huang, Hung-LinT. A.General affairs, NSC accounting, SpeechM1017749-6610buddin (at) ntnu.edu.tw
Liu, Xin-YiT. A.Treasurer, Work student management, Coordination of epidemic preventionM1107749-6749xinyi (at) ntnu.edu.tw

Yang, Ching-Yu

Responsibilities: Computer; Network
Office: M102
Phone: 7749-6598
Email: yangcy (at) math.ntnu.edu.tw

Chu, Chi-Tai

Teaching Assistant
Responsibilities: Institute of affairs, Teacher training, Department Evaluation
Office: M101
Phone: 7749-6578
Email: ctchu (at) abel.math.ntnu.edu.tw

Lee, Chun-Rou

Teaching Assistant
Responsibilities: Teaching business, Secretary
Office: M110
Phone: 7749-6600
Email: emily491 (at) abel.math.ntnu.edu.tw

Shen, Cindy

Teaching Assistant
Responsibilities: Personnel, Research
Office: M102
Phone: 7749-6601
Email: shen.hh (at) ntnu.edu.tw

Chang, Chia-Hua

Teaching Assistant
Responsibilities: Administrative Assistance, Teaching assistant
Office: M110
Phone: 7749-6603
Email: cchua (at) ntnu.edu.tw

Chen, Wei-Chin

Teaching Assistant
Responsibilities: Admissions, Internationalization, Web
Office: M102
Phone: 7749-6602
Email: ptm105_9467 (at) ntnu.edu.tw

Huang, Hung-Lin

Teaching Assistant
Responsibilities: General affairs, Speech
Office: M101
Phone: 7749-6610
Email: buddin (at) ntnu.edu.tw

Liu, Xin-Yi

Teaching Assistant
Responsibilities: Treasurer
Office: M110
Phone: 7749-6749
Email: xinyi (at) ntnu.edu.tw


Cathy LiResearch Assistant孟悟理老師計畫助理M4187749-6622cathy106 (at) ntnu.edu.tw
Tsai, LoisResearch Assistant林俊吉老師計畫助理M4187749-6591loistsai2021 (at) ntnu.edu.tw

Cathy Li

Research Assistant
Responsibilities: 孟悟理老師計畫助理
Office: M418
Phone: 7749-6622
Email: cathy106 (at) ntnu.edu.tw

Dedicated Mentor

Hu, Cheng-TeDedicated MentorStudent counselingDedicated Mentor's Office (Gongguan Campus)7749-6536jackhu (at) ntnu.edu.tw

Hu, Cheng-Te

Dedicated Mentor
Responsibilities: Student counseling
Office: Dedicated Mentor’s Office (Gongguan Campus)
Phone: 7749-6536
Email: jackhu (at) ntnu.edu.tw

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