[NTNU MATH-CAG-MSRC Jointed Seminar on Geometric Analysis] 【11月15日】韓英波/Compactness theorems for Sasaki-Einstein manifolds

Compactness theorems for Sasaki-Einstein manifolds

時 間:2023-11-15 10:00 (星期三) / 地 點:Online

Zoom: 811 5638 1768 (Password : msrc)

韓英波 博士

In this talk, we consider the set SE(K,V,n) of all compact Sasaki-Einstein manifolds which satisfy some curvature and volume condition, and prove that the set SE(K,V,n) is compact for n greater than 2 and for n equal to 2, the limit is a Sasaki-Einstein orbifold with possibly finitely many isolated singular points. This is a joint work with Professors Shu-Cheng Chang and Jing-Zhi Tie.



Chang, Shu-Cheng
Kuo, Ting-Jung
Lin, Chun-Chi


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